Single's Guide
Consider the following before participating in any online dating service,
singles site, personal ads or matchmaker service:
  • What You Need is a secure, practical way to screen, evaluate, and communicate with potential partners from a vast selection of qualified candidates. The key is to save time and energy by focusing on those who are most compatible.

  • Personal Ads and Chat Lines may get you some attention if you know a few good lines but most often result in wasted time when both parties discover their differences. 2ofakind matchmaking tools give you a valuable head start because all matches are screened and scored from a selection of over 150 interests, preferences, and priorities. To try to evaluate as many people as effectively using "personals ads" or "chat lines" would take a lifetime.

  • Don't expose yourself by giving out too much information. We do not require your real name, home address or phone number and you can correspond with matches without giving out your real email address.

  • Don't be a swayed by a Photo in a Personals Ad that some dating services may use as bait. Even members themselves may post phony photo ads which end up luring you to a porn site. In a recent article, MSNBC reported that "Two of the three women Don (their reporter) tried to contact through the top personal ad website, turned out to be fakes." Even legitimate photos can present problems for typical personals sites that permit "browsing". The most attractive ads are overloaded with email and the rest have their most important assets overlooked. 2ofakind makes compatibility the first priority, not picture quality, by only allowing members to view the photos of matches who meet each other's qualifications and score high in compatibility.

    (Warning: This ad is our attempt at humor. If you are compelled to click on the first
    pretty face you see, you are in danger of being a contributor to the 58% divorce rate!)

  • Using a Matchmaker System to sort through thousands of singles profiles makes a lot of sense - as long as you are in control. Typical matchmaking services rely on the value judgments of the program designer. Our system allows you to be your own matchmaker. You program the perfect match yourself in 3 dimensions - what you like, how much you like it, and how important it is in relation to everything else!

  • Don't put your Faith in Questionable Questionnaires! The 2ofakind application asks for simple responses that don't try to evaluate you psychologically or tempt anyone to exaggerate (e.g. rate your looks, income etc.) There are no "best answers" so you can expect meaningful match results.

  • Services that allow anyone to browse their database will subject you to a lot of people that donít meet your qualifications. 2ofakind matches are screened for qualifications that are acceptable to BOTH parties. Also, browsing requires that you return to the service often and do the work. With our system you enter the criteria once and the program evaluates new applicants for you once a week and delivers the results to your regular email address.

  • Services may claim Large Memberships but don't clean out their database of members who change their email address, lose interest, etc.. We regularly verify member's email addresses and their interest in participating and purge the member database.

  • If you Send a Message, will it be Read? Most singles services have you send and receive messages in a mailbox at their site. However, after a few weeks most users stop returning to the site and their messages remain unread. We forward email messages directly to your match's regular email address so that you can be sure they will read it.

  • There are no 100% Free Dating Services, despite what the ads say. However, you should never pay membership fees just to participate. We send you a Free Match Report of your most compatible matches. Then, you can continue to receive Free matches anytime you qualify for someone else's report OR you can subscribe for your own weekly match reports for $1 per match.

  • If you sign up for monthly billing, will you get monthly results? Or will it end up like your monthly health club fee, where you stop going but keep paying. Our subscribers pay for results, not time. You pay $1 per match for a set number of qualified matches rather than paying for a recurring time period of using the service.

  • How private is the Privacy Policy? In recent years, many dating sites have been taken over by large corporations with aggressive marketing tactics. Their "Privacy Policy" says your information will not be shared with "nonaffiliated companies", however, since any company can "affiliate" with them, it means they can share your information with ANYONE. They ask you for information that is not relevant to the dating or matching process but that is relevant to their advertisers. And they can use your Internet browsing history, search history, and the contents of communications between you and other members.

    Our only goal is matchmaking. We have been connecting like-minded people online since 1996. You only submit data that is required for matching and it is not shared with ANY other company. In keeping with our philosophy and in consideration of your time and space, you will also find that our site and service are relatively ad free.

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