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"My wife and I celebrated 10 happy years after finding each other on 2ofakind! While life hasn't been easy, we always faced everything together. If that isn't proof of a wonderful match, I don't know what is. And she was the very first introduction I received!"
-- Lou & Wes

"skeptics should
read my letter" -- Dennis in CA

"an intelligent, thoughtful
approach that works!"
-- John in NC

"i love the unique format.
Great fun!" -- Karen in NY

"The user programmability
is great." -- Chris in CA

"enjoyed meeting all kind of people and felt very safe"
-- Claudia in TX

"better than any service I've ever tried. I liked not having to sift through piles of profiles!
-- Carol in CA

"I can see that good people
run this service" -- SB in WA

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Over 16 million matches
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"61% of American singles
will look for a date on
the internet this year.
Most will go to sites like"

-- NY Times
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